May 12th: Bulgur & step ups

May 12th:

Today is Friday which means LEG DAY! As I mentioned earlier this week it is deload week at the gym, this means a higher rep scheme and lower weights. Part of this workout includes 3 rounds of 20 walking lunges. In the past I have had trouble with my knees after lunging so I asked my trainer for a substitute movement, so he gave me 3 rounds of 40 weighted step ups (20 per side). 120 step ups later my legs felt like jello and I felt great doing my 10 minutes of jump rope finishing movement.

Today's menu was the following:

1. Breakfast bar with greek yogurt
2. Apple + PB
3. Turkey sandwich on ezekiel bread with a side salad
4. RX bar
5. Chicken bulgur + side salad.

Chicken Bulgur:

My mom used to make a turkey variation of this dish when I was younger and it has sort of developed into a comfort food for me. This is my variation:

3 cloves of garlic
1 onion (chopped)
2 Tbs olive oil
1 lb ground chicken
Black pepper (to taste)
1.5 Tbs dried Oregano
1.5 Tbs Italian seasoning (dried parsley, basil etc.)
1 Tsp garlic powder
1 Cup of Fine Bulgar
1 bottle of Francesco Rinaldo Original recipe No salt added tomato sauce 
1 Splash of red wine
1 splash of balsamic vinegar
Salt to taste

You can use any premade marinara sauce that you would like in this recipe (or you can use your own homemade sauce!) however I find that a lot of sauces are very high in sodium so I opt for the no salt added rinaldo recipe. Bulgar you can find at your local grocery store (my turkish market has so many varieties I get overwhelmed) or order it here.

Sautee the garlic and onions in a pan with 1 tbs of olive oil, then add the chicken (with the other tbs of olive oil) and season heavily (oregano, pepper, italian seasonings, garlic etc.). Once the meat is browned add the bulgur and stir for about a minute. Then add the sauce, wine, and balsamic and season heavily again. Stir and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!


  1. On my list this week - Can't wait to cook it!


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